Clint Kopittke

I am now a certified NLP Practitioner!! Woohoo!! Klaus Ruehl is a great teacher, mentor and man of integrity. I would highly encourage everyone to study with him.

His courses are truly amazing and life changing!! By far the best training I have ever done.

Our mind, just like a computer, sometimes needs an overhaul for optimal functioning and efficiency.

I recently finished the Accelerated NLP Practitioner course with Klaus Ruehl and I can honestly say it was one of the best weeks of my life.

Not only did I acquire skills that would enable me to help others, but I was also able to work on myself in the process.

Before the course I still felt chained emotionally from a past painful relationship and after the course I felt completely free and found my power return. I learned emotional mastery and the tools needed to elicit more resourceful and powerful emotional states.

After the course I felt I had more clarity on what I wanted and was excited to get into the real world and apply my new found knowledge. I have read many books and been to many self help seminars and found this course to be by far the best most beneficial of them all.

I was relieved that I didn’t have to filter out the good stuff with all the hyped up sales tactics that most other seminars try to incorporate. It is like the best knowledge and most resourceful life skills have been rolled into one amazing no-nonsense week of learning. I found Klaus to be a very good teacher, mentor and communicator.

He supported us every step of the way and he really genuinely wanted to bring the best out in his students.

I really highly recommend this course to everyone, because I want others to experience the benefits that I did, feel powerful and restructure the patterns of their mind in a way that will ensure success in every area of life.

Mario Laing

This course is the most significant thing I have done to help me access suppressed emotions and release them forever. I am now living life from a new higher perspective.

Janice Collins

When you are ready to take hold of your Personal Power you are ready to do Klaus” NLP training.

Klaus is a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Klaus helps you release your own baggage to free you to be fully present to experience life now, where you are and to enable you to be clear and present to help others.

A lot to learn. CD”s before were a great introduction. Manual is terrific. Exercises were great experience.

Jane Cowling

How great it is to be given the gift of further enlightenment!

That is to be inspired by new knowledge, and to learn even more about the nature of the mind, our selves, our capacity, and potential. Where once the unconscious was thought to be something we battled, as if there was something we were up against, now we know, through NLP, that we can experience a new reality. That in fact, the unconscious is our best friend, a well- spring of knowledge and a faithful partner in helping us experience true contentment and to fully realise our greatest potential.

How wonderful it is to be in partnership with the vast, rich beauty of the unconscious, and to not only know we CAN achieve our dreams, but can go further to experience the gift of our own wholeness.

Having been a student of the mind, body and spirit for over twenty years, trained in the Behavioural Sciences and holding a degree in Psychology, as well as being a qualified Yoga and Meditation Teacher, I was delighted to participate in Klaus Ruhl”s NLP Practitioner Certification Training, through Advanced Change Dynamics.

The training opened my mind even further to the wondrous mechanics of the mind and its magnificent potential.

It offered me the practical skills to not only improve my own life but also assist others in being able to do the same.

Klaus Ruhl”s NLP Practitioner Training was exciting, challenging and deeply rewarding.

I have been given the gift of being able to expand my mind so as to see and experience new, vibrant and beautiful horizons beyond my expectations both personally and professionally.

The rewards that I continue to gain through completing the NLP Practitioner Training with Klaus will not only further enrich my own life, but go further to enrich the lives of others who I work with.

I highly recommend doing the NLP Practitioner Certification with Klaus!

You will grow, be inspired and be enriched! You will gain skills, that when applied, will decorate your own life with your creative vision and help to assist others in painting the picture of beauty and magnificence that they dream of creating in there own lives.

Get ready for more!!