Do you ever consider how much you are missing out on because of your limitations?


What life experiences are you missing out on because of a lack of finances?

What relationships are you missing out on because of your emotional baggage?

What are you missing out on because of your health issues?

We try to avoid feeling pain so we don’t tend to focus on missed opportunities, or worse we do focus on what is missing but we ask the wrong questions.

It is easy to make excuses such as “Money is evil” or “People are fake” to justify our limiting choices but that is only self-deception.

Even worse we can really play the victim and ask “Why is this happening to me?”.

Neither one of these approaches helps us to grow and the end result is we are sill missing out on living a fulfilling life.

A better approach is to ask better questions such as “How can I make more money?” or “How can I improve my health?” or “What can I do to create a more fulfilling relationship?”.

The key to asking better questions is to 1. Believe it is possible to create what you want and 2. Take ownership of the creation process.

The questions that you habitually ask have a powerful influence on your life experience because they shape your attitude towards life.

When you follow the two principles above you create the opportunity for you to become aware of how you unknowingly (unconsciously) have created

limitations in your life. It is only then that you can address the root causes within you and it is only then that your life will improve.

Too many people try to solve their limitations by focusing on the symptoms (the lack of money, the lack of fulfilling relationships or the lack of health) without acknowledging the deeper causes of limiting beliefs and suppressed emotions.

It is only when the underlying causes within us are acknowledged and addressed that our life changes. When the underlying causes are addressed we make different choices and allow new opportunities to enter our life.

For life to change, I must change.

That is the mantra of the Conscious Creator.

Our unconscious (the invisible part) mind is the key to making our dreams come true.

When you are successful in any area of life it is an indication that your unconscious mind is aligned with your conscious desires.

When you are restricted and limited in any area of life it is an indication that the contents of your unconscious mind are at odds with your conscious desires.

There are shortcuts to success!

By aligning your unconscious mind with your conscious desires you can fast-track your success in any area of your life. This is done by replacing limiting beliefs with empowering beliefs and releasing unprocessed emotions from the past that are holding you back.

Forget about the painfully slow process of affirmations, I am talking about directly engaging the unconscious mind to adddres the misalignment.

If you are ready to discover the shortcuts to success then you are ready for my Conscious Creator Transformational Training.

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